These charged FFPE white glass human tissue control slides are of the highest quality and are specifically designed for use in demanding IHC & laboratory staining environments.  Our offering includes both IHC Control Slides and Special Stain Control Slides. IHC Control Slides are available in quantities of Box 25 (24 + 1 Stained) & Box 100 (98 + 2 Stained).  Special Stain Control Slides are available in Box 20 + 2 Stained & Box 98 + 2 Stained.


Check out the following features that will allow your laboratory to achieve the highest quality outcomes:


  • Stained QC slides included in each box to ensure positive controls
  • FFPE 100% Human Tissue
  • High specimen placement for patient/control on same slide
  • Slides are air dried to ensure consistent morphology
  • White glass slides are electrostatically charged for use on all IHC platforms
  • Slides are made to order ensuring you receive fresh, high quantity tissue
  • Our product offering includes over 460 different IHC Control Slides & over 70 Special Stain Control Slides to cover all your staining requirements


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