About PathSUPPLY


About PathSUPPLY

‘Helping those who help patients’ is more than a tag line at PathSUPPLY, it is the core value on how we approach our business every day. Every decision and every action that we take is aimed to help those all-important laboratory technicians and researchers that provide care to the patient.

Each person at PathSUPPLY has been on the vendor side of the laboratory industry for over a decade and during that time each of us has come to the belief that the core of our industry is to help the patient. We believe that our best method to help the patient is to help those that help the patient.

We look to support the laboratory professional via four core methods: 1) Constantly bringing new and innovative products to the lab that help solve problems (Example: our SoftCUT specimen softener), 2) Source products that directly impact the safety and wellbeing of the laboratory technician (Examples: our Anti-fatigue mats and reagent pour spouts), 3) Provide the correct mix of quality at an affordable price for the commoditized products and 4) support the lab’s business by being the best possible partner when it comes to customer service, fast shipping, and dispute resolution. We exist to support you.

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