**PathSUPPLY Inc is pleased to announce that we are now offering IHC Antibody Vial Racks**

Finally, you can easily organize your Bond antibody vials with the PathSUPPLY IHC Antibody Vial Racks. These racks allow you to quickly remove a large number of antibodies from the refrigerator, select the correct vial, and just as quickly replace the rack in the frig. All without knocking over or dropping other vials. Two different sizes racks are available to accommodate different refrigerator depths. The large 24 vial racks are nylon, 11" deep x 4.25" wide x 3.3 tall" and the small 9 vial racks are 4.3" deep x 4.3" wide x 3.3" tall. For shallower refrigerators, the 24 vial rack will be ideal; deeper refrigerators can use one 24 vial rack with a 9 vial rack in front of it. Currently available in 2 colors for each rack.

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